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Braindump, Cisco exam 640-445, SNA Configuration for Multiprotocol Administrators.


This is exam is one of two exams required to achieve the SNA/IP Integration Network Support Specialty focusing on the skills required for installing, configuring, implementing, and troubleshooting Cisco routers in SNA environments.


Exam #:   640-445

Status: Active

Time Limit: N/A min. 

Passing Score: N/A

# of Questions: N/A

Format: Form-based

Certifications: Part of the SNA/IP Track


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Exam Topics


  1. Internetworking in an SNA Environment

  2. SNA Concepts and Terminology

  3. LAN Frames and Formats

  4. Synchronous Data-Link Control

  5. Path Control Functions

  6. Conf SNA Upper Layers

  7. Introduction to Bridging, Routing, and LAN Switching

  8. Transparent Bridging

  9. Source-Route Bridging

  10. Source-Route Transparent and Source-Route Translational Bridging

  11. Integrated Routing and Bridging

  12. Remote Source-Route Bridging

  13. Data-Link Switching Plus

  14. Serial Tunneling

  15. SNA Frame Relay Access Support

  16. DLC-to-Logical Link Control Conversion

  17. SNA Prioritization

  18. Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking

  19. Channel Interface Processor

  20. Downstream Physical Unit (DSPU)


Recommended Training

The SNA Configuration for Multiprotocol Administrators course (SNAM) is the recommended training for this exam.

Courses listed are offered by Cisco Learning Partners—the only authorized source for Cisco IT training delivered exclusively by Certified Cisco Instructors. Check the List of Learning Partners for a Cisco Learning Partner nearest you.


Additional Resources

Cisco Press book options related to the content of this exam may be available. They can be purchased through the Cisco Learning Store, directly through Cisco Press or their distributors.





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