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Cisco dumps, exam 640-607, Cisco Certified Network Associate 2.0.


 Exam topics include Bridging, Switching, Network and WAN Protocols, Reference Model and Layered Communication, Routing, Network Management, LAN Design, Physical Connectivity, Cisco Basics, IOS and Network Basics.


Exam #:   640-607

Status: Active

Time Limit: 75 min. 

Avg. Time: 46 min.

Passing Score: 849

# of Questions: 45-55

Format: Form-based with sims

Difficulty: 2

Certifications: CCNA


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Exam Topics


The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the CCNA exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam.




 Distinguish between cut-through and store-and-forward LAN switching 

 Describe the operation of the Spanning Tree Protocol and its benefits

 Configure VLANs on a switch

 Compare and contrast switches and bridges

 Configure a switch for basic operations


OSI Reference Model & Layered Communication

 Describe data link and network addresses and identify key differences between them

 Define and explain the conversion steps of data encapsulation and de-encapsulation

 Describe the functions of each the seven layers of the OSI model and their corresponding applications

 Match networking devices to their OSI layer(s)


Routed Protocols

 Describe the different classes of IP addresses including subnetting and private addresses

 Configure IP addresses

 Identify the fundamental uses of various TCP/IP application layer protocols

 Define flow control and describe the three basic methods used in networking


Routing Protocols

 Configure a router for inter-VLAN communication

 Verify IP routing with show and debug commands

 Configure static and default routes on a router

 Enable RIP and IGRP on a router


WAN Protocols

 Explain key Frame Relay terms and features

 Identify ISDN protocols, function groups, reference points, and channels

 Identify PPP operations to encapsulate WAN data on Cisco routers

 Configure a serial connection with PPP encapsulation


Network Management

 Monitor and verify selected access list operations on the router

 Manage configuration files from the privilege EXEC mode

 Load Cisco IOS software from: Flash memory, a TFTP server, or ROM

 Perform backup, upgrade, and loading of Cisco IOS software and configuration files


LAN Technologies

 Determine the appropriate uses for full- and half-duplex Ethernet operation.

 Describe the causes and effects of network congestion in Ethernet networks

 Identify the cause(s) of LAN connectivity problem

 Describe the function, operation, and primary components on a LAN


 Cisco Basics, IOS & Network Basics

 Describe router elements (RAM, ROM, Flash, NVRAM, config register)

 Configure router passwords, identification, and banner

 Use the command history and editing features

 Perform the initial router configuration (including using the setup mode).

 Use show commands to display basic network operational parameters

 Differentiate between routed and routing protocols.





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