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Citrix exam 218, Metaframe 1.8 Administrator. Exam topics include Implementing, Administering and Installing Metaframe, Configuring ICA Clients, Load Balancing, Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting.


Exam #:   218

Status: Active

Time Limit: 90 min. 

Avg. Time: 28 min.

Passing Score: 68%

# of Questions: 40

Format: Form-based

Difficulty: 2

Certifications: CCA


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Citrix Certification Tracks

Citrix offers four certification tracks. Available certifications are:


Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA)

System administrators, Citrix resellers and business affiliates, and independent consultants will find that the CCA program is an excellent credential. It provides product expertise by ensuring the highest level of instruction on Citrix products.


Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator (CCEA)

The CCEA program is an advanced technical certification that builds on the CCA program. The CCEA program expands your knowledge of Citrix products and gives you even more extensive experience installing and administering Citrix products.

Citrix Certified Sales Professional (CCSP)

The CCSP certification is designed for individuals who want to expand their customer base to boost sales revenue. Upon receiving CCSP certification, Citrix business affiliates will know how to most effectively present Citrix technology as the solution to prospective clients. CCSPs have a thorough overview of Citrix technology, products and service, and know how to sell and market them.

Citrix Certified Instructor (CCI)

The CCI program is a professional certification program becoming universally recognized as an important standard in the industry. The certification adds credibility and recognition to you and ensures the highest level of instruction on Citrix products.




Instructor Fees
The enrollment fee for the CCI program is $2,100 (USD). The fee includes attendance at the Train the Trainer course, as well as the Citrix Professional Courseware Instructor's manual, Instructor's CD and courseware updates.

CCIs have the option to purchase:


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