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CIW Exams, Prosoft exam 1D0-410, CIW Foundations exam. Exam topics include basic knowledge of Internet Technologies, Web authoring using HTML, and Network infrastructure.


Exam #:   1D0-410

Status: Active

Time Limit: min. 

Avg. Time: 38 min.

Passing Score: 80%

# of Questions: 60

Format: Form-based

Difficulty: 1

Certifications: CIW Assoc.


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Students who have taken CIW courses are encouraged to continue their studies and apply their new skills before attempting the 1D0-410 Foundations examination. Skills taught in the CIW Foundations courses are best reinforced with real-world experience.

The candidate is responsible for learning the content and achieving a passing score on the CIW Foundations exam. Comments regarding course delivery should be referred to the training company that delivered the course.

Any 1D0-410 Foundations exam taken on or after June 15, 2001 will be subject to the following:


Examination Version

Date Published

Exam Notes

CIW Foundations 1D0-410

June 2001

This version contains 10 non-scored beta items and 60 scored items.



To achieve a passing score on the exam, candidates must:

This scoring method does not apply to Foundations examinations taken before June 15, 2001.


Number of Items

Internet Fundamentals


Web Page Authoring Fundamentals


Networking Fundamentals


Total Scored Items


Beta items randomly delivered throughout exam


Total Items




Each item offers four solutions or distracters. Exam candidates must select the one best solution for each item.


Practice Exam Sites
CIW does not endorse Web sites that list study guides or practice questions for CIW exams. All CIW examinations are copyrighted material. To maintain the security and value of our program, we reserve the right to decertify and/or prohibit from examinations any individuals who republish or distribute our copyrighted certification exam questions.

Third-Party Practice Exams
Additional exam preparation tools are available from MeasureUp, organizations that have developed practice tests to help candidates prepare for the CIW Foundations exam.




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