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Microsoft Exams, exam 70-056, Implementing and Supporting Web Sites Using Microsoft Site Server 3.0.


 Exam topics include Planning, Installation & Configuration, Configuring & Managing Resource Access, Integration & Interoperability, Monitoring & Optimization, and Troubleshooting.


Exam #:   70-056

Status: Active

Time Limit: 90 min. 

Avg. Time: 35 min.

Passing Score: 620

# of Questions: 50

Format: Form-based

Difficulty: 4

Certifications: MCP, MCSE, MCSE+I, MCSD


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Skills measured by exam 70-056  Course



Choose the appropriate component to solve specified problems. Components include Content Analyzer, Usage Import, Report Writer, Search, Content Management, P&M, and Knowledge Manager.   

Choose the appropriate Microsoft Windows NT or membership-based authentication strategy for a given situation.   

Choose a security strategy for users and servers on an intranet or the Internet or for access through a firewall.   

Choose a reporting strategy for various situations.

For Content Deployment, choose which events to report, where to keep the event information, and how to distribute reports.

For Search, choose which items to report during the build process and the querying process and how to generate and distribute reports.

For Content Analyzer, choose which content to analyze, which reports to use, and how to distribute reports.

For Usage Import and Report Writer, choose what to store in your Web server's log file, where to store the analysis data, which reports to use, and how to distribute reports.


Publish documents to a Web site.

Use Microsoft FrontPage to configure user and group accounts to meet the security and access requirements for publishing with Content Management.

Submit and tag content to a Content Management site.


Deploy content.

Configure Search to work across Web pages, databases, Microsoft Exchange Server messages, newsgroups, and file systems.

Configure Content Deployment projects and routes.

Deploy Web applications.

Deploy content as a transaction.

Post content from a Web client computer to a Content Deployment server and have it deployed automatically.

Determine deployment status by reading the Content Deployment event logs.


Find content by using Search.

Configure user and group accounts to meet the security and access requirements for Search.

Create queries to find specific items.

Optimize the search process for faster indexing and searching.





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