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Brain-dumps, exam 70-081, Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5. Brain-dumps


Topics include Planning, Installation and Configuration, Resource Access, Monitoring and Optimization, and Troubleshooting.


Exam #:   70-081

Status: Retiring Dec 31, 02

Time Limit: 135 min. 

Avg. Time: 41 min.

Passing Score: 660

# of Questions: 50

Format: Form-based

Difficulty: 2

Certifications: MCP, MCSE, MCSE+I


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Skills measured by exam 70-081  Course

973 Course

1026 Course

1313 Course




Choose an implementation strategy for Microsoft Exchange Server. Elements include:

Server locations

Address space


Choose Microsoft Exchange Client installation and integration strategies. Elements include:

Network installation

Client computer installation

Scripted client installation

Forms interoperability

Schedule+ interoperability

Calendar interoperability


Develop long-term administration strategies.

Plan a backup strategy.

Plan a disaster recovery strategy.

Plan information store maintenance.

Plan remote administration.

Plan information retrieval strategies.


Develop security strategies.

Develop server-side scripting strategies.          

Installation and Configuration 

Install an Exchange Server computer.          

Configure Exchange Server for message recipients.

Configure mailboxes.

Configure custom recipients.

Configure public folders.

Configure distribution lists.

Configure site addressing.

Configure container-level search controls.

Configure Address Book views.


Configure message tracking.

Configure server locations.          

Configure security.         

Configuring and Managing Resource Access 

Manage site security.          

Manage users.          

Manage distribution lists.          

Manage the directory.          

Manage public information stores. Elements include:

Server locations

Rehoming of public folders


Manage private information stores.

Back up and restore the Exchange Server organization.

Manage connectivity.

Monitoring and Optimization

Configure a link monitor and a server monitor.

Optimize Exchange Server. Tasks include:

Hardware optimization

Operating system optimization


Optimize foreign connections and site-to-site connections.          

Monitor and optimize the messaging environment.          

Monitor server performance by using SNMP and MADMAN MIB.          


Diagnose and resolve upgrade problems.          

Diagnose and resolve server installation problems.          

Diagnose and resolve migration problems.          

Diagnose and resolve connectivity problems. Elements include:

Foreign connectivity

Site-to-site connectivity

Internet connectivity

Connectivity within a site


Diagnose and resolve problems with client connectivity.          

Diagnose and resolve information store problems.           

Diagnose and resolve server directory problems.          

Diagnose and resolve server resource problems.          

Diagnose and resolve message delivery problems.          

Diagnose and resolve backup problems and restore problems.          

Diagnose organization security problems.





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