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Microsoft Dumps, Exam 70-88, Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0.


Exam topics include Planning, Installation and Configuration, Setting Up and Managing Resource Access, Integration and Interoptability, Monitoring and Optimization and Troubleshooting with Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0.


Exam #:   70-088

Status: Retiring Dec 31, 02

Time Limit: 90 min. 

Avg. Time: 58 min.

Passing Score: 735

# of Questions: 68

Format: Form-based

Difficulty: 1

Certifications: MCP, MCSE, MCSE+I


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Skills measured by exam 70-088  Course

836 Course

1503 Course




Choose a secure access strategy for various situations. Access includes outbound access by users to the Internet and inbound access to your Web site. Considerations include:

Translating addresses from the internal network to the Local Address Table (LAT)

Controlling anonymous access

Controlling access by known users and groups

Setting protocol permissions

Auditing protocol access

Setting Microsoft Windows NTŪ security parameters


Plan an Internet site or an intranet site for stand-alone servers, single-domain environments, and multiple-domain environments. Tasks include:

Choosing appropriate connectivity methods

Choosing services

Using Microsoft Proxy Server in an intranet that has no access to the Internet

Choosing hardware


Installation and Configuration 

Create a LAT.     

Configure server authentication. Authentication options include:

Anonymous logon

Basic authentication

Microsoft Windows NT Challenge/Response authentication


Configure Windows NT to support Microsoft Proxy Server.     

Configure the various Proxy Server services.     

Configure Microsoft Proxy Server for Internet access. Situations include:

Configuring Proxy Server to provide Internet access through a dial-up connection to an ISP.

Configuring Proxy Server to act as an IPX gateway.

Configuring multiple Microsoft Proxy Servers for Internet access.

Configuring multiple Proxy Servers spread across several different geographic locations.


Select and use software configuration management tools (for example, Control Panel, Windows NT Setup, Regedt32).      

Configure auditing.     

Given a scenario, decide which user interface to use to perform administrative tasks.     

Identify the licensing requirements for a given Proxy Server site.       

Configure Proxy Server arrays.     

Configure arrays to provide fault-tolerance for Web Proxy client requests.     

Use packet filtering to prevent unauthorized access. Tasks include:

Using packet filtering to enable a specific protocol.

Configuring packet filter alerting and logging.


Use Performance Monitor logs to identify the appropriate configuration.      

Perform Internet traffic analysis by using Windows NT Server tools.     

Monitor current sessions.     


Resolve Proxy Server and Proxy Server client installation problems.     

Resolve Proxy Server and Proxy Server client access problems.     

Resolve Proxy Server client computer problems.     

Resolve security problems.     

Resolve caching problems.     

Troubleshoot a WINS server to provide client access to Proxy Servers.      

Troubleshoot hardware-related problems such as network interfaces and disk drives.     

Troubleshoot Internet/intranet routing hardware and software. Software includes Microsoft Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS).





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