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Dumps, Novell exam 50-639 (CNE) and/or 50-839 (CNI), NetWare 5.0 Administration. Exam topics include Hardware Requirements, NetWare Basics, NDS Basics, NetWare Utilities, Implementing Security, Monitoring & Optimization, and Troubleshooting.

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90 min.

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13 min.

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NetWare 5 CNE, CNA


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Obj # Objective Text
1 Describe what a network is and list its components.
2 Describe what NetWare is.
3 List the responsibilities of a network administrator.
4 List the NetWare resources and services you administer in NetWare 5.
5 Describe Novell Directory Services (NDS), including the NDS Directory and NDS objects.
6 Describe how a workstation communicates with the network.
7 Install the Novell Client software.
8 Explain and perform the login procedure.
9 Install and configure a browser client.
10 Create and modify a user account using NetWare Administrator.
11 Create a user object using Console One.
12 Create a user object using UIMPORT.
13 Describe and establish login security, including login restrictions for users.
14 Describe NetWare printing using NDPS.
15 Explain the four NDPS components and their functions.
16 List the NDPS printer types and explain the difference between public access printers and controlled access. printers.
17 Configure the network for NDPS.
18 Configure a workstation to print to NDPS printers.
19 Manage printer access and print jobs.
20 Use utilities to perform file system management tasks
21 Access the file system by configuring drive mappings.
22 Selec the correct utilities for managing the directory structure.
23 Select the correct utilitites for managing files.
24 Manage the use of volume space using NetWare Adminstrator.
25 Explain how file system security works.
26 Plan and impliment file system security for your organization.
27 Plan and implement file and directory attribute security.
28 Describe the types of login scripts and explain how they coordinate at login.
29 Design login scripts for containers, user groups, and users.
30 Use the MAP command in login scripts.
31 Create, execute, and debug a login script.
32 Define NDS security and how it differs from file system security.
33 Control access to an object in the NDS tree.
34 Determine rights granted to NDS objects.
35 Block an object's inherited rights.
36 Determine effective rights.
37 Explain guidelines and considerations for implementing NDS security.
38 Troubleshoot NDS security problems using NetWare Adminstrator.
39 Explain the benefits of using Application Launcher.
40 Explain the components of Application Launcher.
41 Distribute applications using Application Launcher and snAppShot.
42 Manage applications with Application Launcher.
43 Describe the available Z.E.N. works products and their purposes.
44 Describe Z.E.N. works pollicy packages and policies.
45 Identify NDS design considerations for Z.E.N. works.
46 Register workstation in NDS and import them into the NDS tree.
47 Use policies to configure desktop environment.
48 Establish remote control access to workstations.
49 Set up and use the Help Requester application.
50 Identify NDs planning guidelines.
51 Provide users with access to resources.
52 Create shortcuts to access and manage resources.
53 Identify the actions to take and the rights needed to grant a user access to NDS resources.
54 Create login scripts that identify resources in other contexts.
55 Describe the function of a NetWare server and its interface and identify the server componenets.
56 Perform a basic NetWare 5 server installation.
57 Install the Novell Licensing Service (NLS).
58 Manage licensing through NLS.



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