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CNE Dumps, Novell exam 050-640, NetWare 5.0 Advanced Administration. Exam topics include NetWare Basics, Upgrading From Previous NetWare Versions, Designing & Configuring NDS, Using DNS & DHCP, Monitoring & Optimization, and Troubleshooting.

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30 min.

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14 min.

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Obj # Objective Text
1 Choose an upgrade method and a protocol.
2 Use the Installation Program to upgrade a 4.1x server to NetWare 5.
3 Use the Novell Upgrade Wizard to migrate a NetWare 3.1x or
NetWare 4.1x server to NetWare 5.
4 Describe the function of a NetWare server and its interface and identify the server components.
5 Execute server console commands and navigate the server console using hot keys.
6 Load and unload NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs).
7 Identify and describe server configuration files.
8 Customize the server by editing the appropriate configuration files.
8 Create server script files to automate the execution of console commands.
10 Load support for Java applications on the NetWare 5 server.
11 Launch Java programs and applets from the NetWare GUI.
12 Manage NetWare from the server using ConsoleOne.
13 Describe remote console management; use various utilities to remotely manage the console.
14 Describe security strategies for a NetWare server; implement console security.
15 Set up network printing hardware by bringing up a print server on a NetWare 5 server and connecting a printer to the network through a NetWare server or DOS workstation.
16 Regulate who can do any of the following: print to a print queue, manage print jobs in the print queue, be notified by a printer when a problem occurs, view the status of the print server, or manage the print server.
17 Manage the flow of print jobs into and out of a print queue by managing the status of the print queue.
18 Manage print jobs in a print queue by pausing, rushing, delaying, and deleting print jobs in the print queue.
19 Describe how to customize print jobs using print job configurations, printer definitions, and printer forms.
20 Identify guidelines for planning and creating custom volumes in the network file system.
21 List the system-created directories; describe their contents and function.
22 List suggested directories for organizing the file system.
23 Identify the strengths and weaknesses of sample directory structures.
24 Design and create a directory structure based on a given scenario.
25 Identify the advantages, disadvantages, and storage concepts of the Novell Storage Services (NSS) file system.
26 Create a Novell Storage Services (NSS) volume on your server.
27 Describe NetWare 5 memory allocation and configure the server for memory deallocation and garbage collection.
28 Define virtual memory and configure a NetWare 5 server to use virtual memory.
29 Create an application and adjust the CPU time allocated to it.
30 Interpret the MONITOR Statistics screen.
31 Monitor and modify file and directory cache performance.
32 View and modify server buffer and packet parameters.
33 Define and enable block suballocation.
34 List the steps to enable file compression.
35 Enable and manage the Packet Burst protocol.
36 Enable and manage Large Internet Packets (LIPs).
37 Identify and define the various backup strategies.
38 Back up a NetWare server's Directory and file system, and a workstation's file system with Nwback32.
39 Restore a NetWare server's Directory and file system, and a workstation's file system with Nwback32.
40 Install DNS and DHCP services.
41 Configure and start DHCP services.
42 Import a DHCP database.
43 Configure and start DNS services.
44 Import a DNS database.
45 Explain the services provided by the Netscape FastTrack Server for NetWare.
46 Install the Netscape FastTrack Server for NetWare.
47 Use the Administration Server to configure the Netscape FastTrack Server for NetWare.
48 Troubleshoot and tune the Netscape FastTrack Server for NetWare.
49 Explain the services provided by Novell FTP Services.
50 Install and configure Novell FTP Services.
51 Use Novell FTP Services to transfer binary and text files.
52 Troubleshoot basic Novell FTP Services problems.
53 List the default rights assigned when creating a Directory and objects.
54 Explain the guidelines and considerations for implementing NDS security in a multicontext environment.
55 Identify the difference between centralized and distributed NDS management.
56 Determine the administrative roles needed in your organization and identify the NDS objects and rights assignments that support those roles.
57 Create container administrators by implementing the appropriate NDS rights.
58 Explain NDS replication.
59 Identify preventive maintenance procedures for the NDS database.
60 Troubleshoot NDS database inconsistencies.
61 Explain NDS database repair procedures that can be accomplished in NDS Manager, including creating a new master replica, repairing a local database, sending and receiving updates, repairing network addresses, and repairing server IDs.
62 Identify the procedure for recovering NDS from a failed server or volume.
63 Identify the capabilities and requirements of NIAS Remote Access.
64 Evaluate the current network and user environment.
65 Select an appropriate data transmission technology.
66 Design a secure remote access solution.
67 Design optimal performance in a remote access solution.
68 Configure NIAS remote access software on the server.
69 Configure Windows 95 or Windows NT clients for remote access.
70 Connect remotely to a sever using a modem-equipped Windows client.
71 Explain the concept of Remote Authentication.
72 Identify networking solutions offered by Novell.
73 Explain the benefits of securing your network with BorderManager.
74 List the components of a firewall.
75 Identify the components of BorderManager.
76 Explain the benefits of placing Windows NT domains into NDS.
77 Explain the purpose of the components of NDS for NT.
78 Describe how GroupWise integrates with NetWare.
79 List the basic components of a GroupWise system and describe the function of each component.
80 Explain how GroupWise components work together to provide GroupWise messaging services.
81 Describe the major features of ManageWise.
82 Identify the components of ManageWise.



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