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CNE Brain Dumps, Novell exam 050-644, Integrating NetWare and Windows NT 4.0. Exam topics include NT 4.0 Features, Hardware Requirements, Groups & Accounts, User Management, Disk Management, Implementing Security, Using NDS with WinNT, and Troubleshooting.

Exam #:


CNE 050-644, CNI 050



Time Limit:

90 min.

Avg. Time:

12 min.

Passing Score:

CNE 540, CNI 564

# of Questions:







NetWare 4.11 CNE


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Obj # Objective Text
1 Describe the Windows NT environment, explain the differences between Windows NT Workstation and NT Server, and explain the uses for which each Windows product is best suited.
2 Log in to Windows NT, explain the advantages of the mandatory login procedure, and explain how the login process works.
3 List the default user accounts created during Windows NT installation, and explain the rights provided by each default user account.
4 List the default group accounts created during Windows NT installation, and explain the rights provided by each default group account.
5 Explain how the Registry is used in Windows NT, explain the main Registry divisions and components, and use the Registry Editor to view Registry information.
6 Navigate the Windows NT interface, and use the key Windows NT programs and utilities, including Disk Administrator, Network Neighborhood, Administrative Wizards, Server Manager, Event Viewer, System Policy Editor, User Manager, and User Manager for Domains, to manage a Windows NT environment.
7 Use the User Manager utility to add local users to a Windows NT Workstation.
8 Explain the Windows NT networking models.
9 List and explain the network protocols used in a Windows NT network.
10 Explain how NTFS provides enhanced security to the Windows NT environment, and list the advantages and considerations associated with each file system supported by Windows NT.
11 Explain how shares are used in Windows NT networking, and create directory shares on your NT Workstation.
12 Explain the directory and file permissions in Windows NT, and grant file and directory permissions in Windows NT.
13 Describe how Microsoft NT Directory Services (NTDS) is implemented in a Windows NT Server-based network.
14 Explain how Windows NT domains function in a Windows NT network, and the benefits provided to a network by domains.
15 Explain the different roles that can be performed by a Windows NT Server within a domain.
16 Add a Windows NT Workstation to a domain.
17 Create and administer user accounts in a domain.
18 Explain the domain logon process.
19 Explain how local and global groups facilitate administration in Windows NT, and create local and global groups in a domain.
20 Explain the Windows NT security system implementation.
21 Establish account policies, user rights policies, and auditing policies.
22 Explain how profiles are used to customize and control user environments.
23 Manage user environments by creating and assigning user profiles.
24 Create system policies to control which settings are available to Windows NT users.
25 Explain the domain models in Windows NT and how domains provide scalability to an NT network through trust relationships.
26 Describe the trust models in NT domain networking, and set up trusts between Windows NT domains.
27 Explain the benefits of integrating Windows NT Workstations with IntranetWare.
28 Explain the benefits of using the IntranetWare Client for Windows NT. Install and configure the client, and enable ACU to update the client.
29 Explain the benefits of using Novell Workstation Manager. Manage Windows NT Workstation user accounts and desktops from NetWare Administrator.
30 Explain the benefits of using the Novell Application Launcher. Install and configure NAL to provide Windows NT Workstation users with access to network applications.
31 Explain the benefits of integrating Windows NT domains into an IntranetWare network.
32 Explain the purpose and list the locations of the components of the Novell Administrator for Windows NT.
33 Install and configure the Novell Administrator for Windows NT.
34 Synchronize Windows NT user and group accounts to NDS.
35 Replicate new NDS user account information to Windows NT by using NetWare Administrator.



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