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CNE 50-652, CNI 50-



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90 min.

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51 min.

Passing Score:

CNE - 614, CNI - 674

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CNE - Netware 5


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Obj # Objective Text
1 Identify new services and features found in NetWare 5.1.
2 Describe IP address concepts.
3 List TCP/IP addressing classes and characteristics.
4 Identify addressing strategies.
5 Identify the purpose of subnets.
6 Identify the role of IP ports.
7 Identify how addresses are resolved.
8 Classify and describe the types of TCP/IP routing.
9 Identify the steps in the TCP/IP communication process.
10 Determine the appropriate upgrade method based on a situation.
11 Upgrade a NetWare 4.x server to NetWare 5.1.
12 Describe Deployment Manager.
13 Describe Novell Licensing Services (NLS).
14 Install Novell License Services (NLS).
15 Perform NLS management tasks.
16 Install and configure a DHCP server.
17 Describe NAT and create a private network with it.
18 Understand DNS and configure a DNS server.
19 Understand and configure Dynamic DNS.
20 Describe and configure SLP.
21 Describe and configure NetWare Enterprise Web Server.
22 Describe and configure NetWare FTP Server.
23 Describe and configure NetWare News Server.
24 Describe and configure NetWare MultiMedia Server.
25 Describe and configure NetWare Web Search Server.
26 Compare and contrast the administration tools available in NetWare 5.1 and determine which tool is appropriate for a given task.
27 Install ConsoleOne.
28 Use ConsoleOne to manage NetWare servers and NDS objects.
29 Use Schema Manager to manage NDS.
30 Describe public key cryptography.
31 Describe Novell Certificate Server.
32 Perform Novell Certificate Server tasks.
33 Describe and configure the Compatibility Mode Driver (CMD).
34 Configure CMD to provide Migration Agent (MA) and backbone support.
35 Identify IPX to IP migration strategies.
36 Identify the characteristics of NDS eDirectory.
37 Identify the differences between NDS eDirectory and earlier versions of NDS.
38 Upgrade an NDS 7 database to NDS eDirectory.
39 Understand LDAP and configure LDAP with NDS eDirectory.
40 Describe the purpose and function of NDPS.
41 Describe the differences between queue-based printing and NDPS.
42 Explain the four NDPS components and their functions.
43 Explain the difference between controlled access printers and public access printers.
44 Configure the network for NDPS.
45 Configure workstations to print to NDPS printers.
46 Identify the time synchronization protocols available in a NetWare 5.1 environment.
47 Configure TimeSync over IP.
48 Configuring TimeSync to use NTP.
49 Identify possible time synchronization implementations using an internal or external time source.
50 Resolve time synchronization problems.
51 Use NetWare Management Portal.
52 Describe and manage virtual memory.
53 Describe and manage NetWare applications.
54 Manage protected address space.
55 Describe and manage the NetWare file system with NSS.
56 Describe and manage Java applications on a NetWare 5.1 server.



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