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Novell Braindump, Novell exam 50-654 (CNE) 50-854 (CNI), NetWare 5.1 Advanced Administration. Exam topics include DNS, DHCP, NSS, Network Time Protocol, Licensing Issues, Web Server Management, FTP Server Configuration, Server Administration, NDS Concepts and Repair.

Exam #:


CNE 050-654, CNI 050



Time Limit:

90 min.

Avg. Time:

40 min.

Passing Score:


# of Questions:









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Obj # Objective Text
1 Describe Novell License Services
2 Install Novell License Services
3 Perform License Management Tasks
4 Determine Which Network Administration Tools to Use
5 Identify NetWare Operating System Components
6 Execute Commands at the Server Console
7 Identify How to Load and Unload NLMs
8 Identify Server Configuration Files
9 Use Server Script Files to Automate Console Commands
10 Determine Requirements for Java Application Support on the NetWare Server
11 Define and Configure the NetWare GUI
12 Identify Administrative Tasks Performed with ConsoleOne
13 Identify How to Remotely Manage the Console
14 Define Methods for Protecting Your Server
15 Configure a DHCP Server
16 Create a Private Network with NAT
17 Configure a DNS Server
18 Configure Dynamic DNS
19 Configure SLP
20 Describe and Configure NetWare Enterprise Web Server
21 Describe and Configure NetWare FTP Server
22 Describe and Configure NetWare News Server
23 Describe and Configure NetWare MultiMedia Server
24 Describe and Configure NetWare Web Search Server
26 Describe Public Key Cryptography
27 Perform Novell Certificate Server Tasks
28 Define NSS and Its Components
29 Describe the NSS Architecture
30 List the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using NSS
31 Implement NSS
32 Manage Storage Groups and NSS Volumes
33 Describe NetWare 5.1 Memory Management
34 Describe and Manage Virtual Memory
35 Describe and Manage NetWare Applications
36 Identify How to Monitor and Modify Cache Performance
37 Identify Server Buffer and Packet Parameters
38 Identify Methods for Optimizing Disk Space
39 Define NDS Replication and Synchronization
40 Identify Basic Administration Procedures for the NDS Database
41 Troubleshoot NDS Database Inconsistencies
42 Identify NDS Repair Procedures
43 Recovering from a Crashed SYS Volume
44 Configure the Compatibility Mode Driver (CMD)
45 Explain Backup Strategies
46 Back Up Data with NWBACK32



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