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Novell Braindumps, Novell exam 050-676 (CNI # 050-876), Upgrading to NetWare 6. Exam topics include: NetWare 6 features, NetWare 6 installation, eDirectory 8.6, ICE, index manager, filtered replicas, remote management utilities, DNS/DHCP, SLP v2, multitasking, multithreading, multiple processors, NSS, User Access Components, NFAP, iFolder, iPrint, NetStorage, WebAccess, NetDrive, NCS and high availability file. This CramSession Study Guide maps to the Course 3000.

Exam #:


CNE 50-676, CNI 876



Time Limit:

90 min.

Avg. Time:

40 min.

Passing Score:

CNE - 608, CNI - 668

# of Questions:









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Obj # Objective Text
1 Identify NetWare 6 features.
2 Use Deployment Manager to update a directory schema.
3 Upgrade or migrate to NetWare 6.
4 Troubleshoot a NetWare 6 migration.
5 Identify NetWare 6 prerequisite requirements.
6 Prepare your existing network for NetWare 6.
7 Prepare your designated computer for NetWare 6.
8 Install NetWare 6.
9 Describe the function and features of eDirectory 8.6.
10 Integrate eDirectory 8.6 into an existing network.
11 Use ICE to manage LDIF files.
12 Use index manager to improve directory performance.
13 Configure filtered replicas.
14 Maintain eDirectory 8.6.
15 Use NetWare 6 remote management utilities.
16 Configure NetWare 6 to use DNS/DHCP using Novell iManager.
17 Configure NetWare 6 to use SLP v2.
18 Explain how NetWare 6 utilizes multitasking, multithreading, and multiple processors.
19 Explain how NSS works and identify the NSS features.
20 Configure NSS.
21 Manage NSS.
22 Install NetWare 6 User Access Components.
23 Use Novell Native File Access Pack (NFAP).
24 Use Novell iFolder.
25 Use Novell iPrint.
26 Use Novell NetStorage.
27 Use NetWare WebAccess.
28 Install and use Novell NetDrive.
29 Identify the purpose and advantages of implementing an NCS solution.
30 Design and set up an NCS Cluster Configuration.
31 Install and test NCS on a 2-node cluster.
32 Configure and test a high availability file access solution.
33 Configure and test high availability service solutions.



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