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OCP Braindumps, Oracle 9i exam #1Z0-007, “Introduction to Oracle 9i: SQL.” Passing this exam, plus one other, makes you an Oracle9i Certified Database Administrator (an “OCA”). This exam covers the SQL language in depth. Test topics include SQL language elements, SELECT statements, functions (single-row and group), updating data, creating common objects, the security system, and using SQL*Plus.

Exam #:





Time Limit:

120 min.

Avg. Time:

92 min.

Passing Score:


# of Questions:







Oracle 9i Certifed Database Associate (OCA)


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Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL™


Writing Basic SQL Select Statements

[ ]  List the capabilities of SQL
     SELECT statements

[ ]  Execute a basic SELECT

[ ]   Differentiate between SQL
      statements and iSQL*Plus

Restricting and Sorting Data

[ ]   Limit the rows retrieved by a

[ ]   Sort the rows retrieved by a

Single-Row Functions

[ ]   Describe various types of
      functions available in SQL

[ ]   Use character, number, and
      date functions in SELECT

[ ]   Use conversion functions


Displaying Data from Multiple Tables

[ ]   Write SELECT statements to
      access data from more than
      one table using equality and
      nonequality joins

[ ]   View data that generally does
      not meet a join condition by
      using outer joins

[ ]   Join a table to itself using a

Aggregating Data using Group Functions

[ ]   Identify the available group

[ ]   Use group functions

[ ]   Group data using the GROUP
      BY clause

[ ]   Include or exclude grouped
      rows by using the HAVING




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