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Oracle certifications, exam 1Z0-024, Oracle 8i Performance Tuning. Passing this exam plus four others makes you an Oracle-certified DBA for Oracle 8i (an OCP-DBA). Exam topics include, background on performance tuning; where and how to get tuning information; SQL tuning tools; application tuning; tuning memory; tuning physical I/O; reducing contention; the new 8i Resource Manager; and Oracle Expert.


Exam #:   1Z0-024

Status: Active

Time Limit: 90 min. 

Avg. Time: 59 min.

Passing Score: 67%

# of Questions: 57

Format: Form-based

Difficulty: 2

Certifications: Oracle Certified Professional DBA



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Tuning Overview 

    List the roles associated with 
       the database tuning process

    Define the steps associated 
       with the tuning process

    Identify tuning goals

Oracle Alert and Trace Files

    Describe the location and 
       usefulness of the Alert log 

    Describe the location and 
       usefulness of the background 
       and user process trace files

Utilities and Dynamic 
Performance Views

    Collect statistics through: 
       -  Available dynamic 
           troubleshooting and 
           performance views 
       -  The UTLBSTAT/
          UTLESTAT report output 
       -  Oracle wait events 
       -  Appropriate Enterprise 
          Manager (EM) tuning tools

    Define the latch types

Tuning the Buffer Cache

    Describe how the buffer 
       cache is managed

    Calculate and tune the buffer 
       cache hit ratio

    Tune the buffer cache hit ratio
       by adding or removing buffers

    Create multiple buffer pools

    Size multiple pools

    Monitor buffer cache usage

    Make appropriate use of 
       table caching

    Diagnose LRU latch 

    Avoid free list contention

Tuning the Redo Log Buffer

    Determine if processes 
       are waiting for space in the
       redo log buffer

    Size the redo log buffer 

    Reduce redo operations

Database Configuration and 
I/O Issues

    Diagnose inappropriate use 
       of SYSTEM, RBS, TEMP, 
       DATA, and INDEX tablespaces

    Use locally managed tablespaces
       to avoid space management 

    Detect I/O problems

    Ensure that files are distributed
       to minimize I/O contention 
       and use appropriate type of 

    Use striping where appropriate

    Tune checkpoints

    Tune DBWn process I/O




Optimizing Sort Operations

    Identify the SQL operations 
       that require sorting

    Ensure that sorting is done 
       in memory where possible

    Reduce the number of I/Os
       required for the sort runs

    Allocate temporary space 

Tuning Rollback Segments

    Use the dynamic performance 
       views to check rollback 
       segment performance

    Reconfigure and monitor
       rollback segments

    Define the number and sizes 
       of rollback segments

    Appropriately allocate rollback 
       segments to transactions

   Managing a Mixed Workload

    Describe the features of 
       Database Resource Manager

    Limit the use of resources 
       using Database Resource 



Multithreaded Server Tuning 

    Identify issues associated 
       with managing users in a 
       multithreaded server 

    Diagnose and resolve 
       performance issues with 
       multithreaded server processes

    Configure the multithreaded 
       server environment to 
       optimize performance




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