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Braindumps, Oracle exam 1Z0-025, Oracle 8i Backup and Recovery. Passing this exam plus four others makes you an Oracle-certified DBA for Oracle 8i (an OCP-DBA). Exam topics include Oracle's Architecture for Backup and Recovery; Recovery Manager; Physical Backups; Recoveries; Incomplete Recovery; Logical Backup and Recovery; and Standby Databases. Braindumps


Exam #:   1Z0-025

Status: Active

Time Limit: 90 min. 

Avg. Time: 48 min.

Passing Score: 70%

# of Questions: 60

Format: Form-based

Difficulty: 2

Certifications: Oracle Certified Professional DBA


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Backup and Recovery Considerations 

    Define requirements for a backup and recovery strategy

    Articulate the importance of management concurrence for the strategy

    Identify the components of a disaster recovery plan

    List Oracle Server features in the context of high availability

    List the strengths of different database configurations for recoverability

    Discuss the importance of testing a backup and recovery plan


Oracle Backup and Recovery Configuration 

    Identify recovery implications of operating in NOARCHIVE mode

    Describe the differences between ARCHIVELOG and NOARCHIVELOG modes

    Configure a database for ARCHIVELOG mode and automatic archiving

    Use init.ora parameters to configure multiple destinations for archived log files and multiple archive processes

    Perform manual archive of logs


Physical Backup Without Oracle Recovery Manager 

    Describe the recovery implications of closed and opened database backups

    Perform closed and opened database backups

    Identify the backup implications of the Logging and Nologging options

    Identify the different types of control file backups

    Discuss backup issues associated with read-only tablespaces

    List the data dictionary views useful for backup operations


Oracle Export and Import Utilities

    Use the Export utility to create a complete logical backup of a database object

    Use the Export utility to create an incremental backup of a database object

    Invoke the direct-path method export

    Use the Import utility to recover a database object

    Perform a tablespace point-in-time recovery (TSPITR) with or without the transportable tablespace feature


Oracle Utilities for Troubleshooting

    Use log and trace files to diagnose backup and recovery problems

    Detect corruptions by using different methods

    Detect and mark corrupted blocks by using the DBMS_REPAIR package

    Use the DBVERIFY utility

    Use the LogMiner utility to analyze redo log files to recover by undoing changes





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