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Braindump, Oracle exam 1Z0-026, Oracle 8i Network Administration. Passing this exam plus four others makes you an Oracle-certified DBA for Oracle 8i (an OCP-DBA). Exam topics include, Net8 Components and Architecture; Configuring Clients and Servers; Usage and Configuration of Multithreaded Server (MTS), the Connection Manager and Oracle Names; Troubleshooting; and Security.


Exam #:   1Z0-026

Status: Active

Time Limit: 90 min. 

Avg. Time: 35 min.

Passing Score: 71%

# of Questions: 59

Format: Form-based

Difficulty: 1

Certifications: Oracle Certified Professional DBA


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Networking Overview 

    Identify networking business trends

    Describe Oracle networking solutions


Basic Net8 Architecture

    Define the procedure by which Net8 establishes a server connection

    Identify the key components of Net8 architecture and their interaction


Basic Net8 Server-Side Configuration

    Describe the listener process

    Configure the listener

    Start the Net8 listener using the Listener Control utility (LSNRCTL)

    Stop the Net8 listener using LSNRCTL

    Identify additional LSNRCTL commands


Basic Net8 Client-Side Configuration

    Establish a connection from the Net8 client side using the host naming method

    Configure Net8 client-side files and connect using the local naming method

    Define preferences on the client side

    Configure the Net8 client to use the client load balancing and failover feature


Oracle Names Usage and Configuration

    Configure centralized naming

    Store the network configuration in the client cache

    Store the network configuration in a region database

    Start and stop the Names server using the Names Control utility


Connection Manager Usage and Configuration

    Identify the capabilities of Connection Manager

    Configure connection concentration

    Enable network access control

    Configure multiprotocol interchange


Troubleshooting the Network Environment

    Follow a troubleshooting checklist

    Use the TNSPING Utility

    Configure the logging and tracing with Net8 Assistant


Security in the Network Environment

    Identify network security risks during data transmission

    Identify security features in Oracle Networking products

    Identify the features of the Advanced Security option

    Configure the components of the Advanced Security option





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