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Oracle 9i Dumps Exam 1Z0-031, “DBA Fundamentals I.” Passing this exam plus exam 1Z0-007, "Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL", makes you an Oracle9i Certified Database Associated (an OCA). Topics on this exam include: Oracle Components and Architecture; Installing and Managing Oracle; Control, Redo and Archived Log Files; Database Storage; Tables and Indexes; and Users and Security.


Exam #:   1Z0-031

Status: Active

Time Limit: 90 min. 

Avg. Time: 65 min.

Passing Score: 73%

# of Questions: 60

Format: Form-based

Difficulty: 1

Certifications: Oracle 9i Certifed Database Associate (OCA)


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Test Content Checklist

Exam #1Z0-031: Oracle9i: DBA Fundamentals l  :


Oracle Architectural Components

    Describe the Oracle architecture and its main components

    Describe the structures involved in connecting a user to an Oracle instance


Getting Started With the Oracle Server

    Identify common database administrative tools available to a DBA

    Identify the features of the Oracle Universal Installer

    Explain the benefits of Optimal Flexible Architecture

    Set up password file authentication

    List the main components of the Oracle Enterprise Manager and their uses


Creating a Database

    Describe the prerequisites necessary for database creation

    Create a database using Oracle Database Configuration Assistant

    Create a database manual


Data Dictionary Content and Usage

    Identify key data dictionary components

    Identify the contents and uses of the data dictionary

    Query the data dictionary


Managing Tablespaces and Data files

    Describe the logical structure of tablespaces within the database

    Create tablespaces

    Change the size of the tablespace

    Allocate space for temporary segments

    Change the status of tablespaces

    Change the storage settings of tablespaces

    Implement Oracle Managed Files


 Storage Structure and Relationships

    Describe the logical structure of segments within the database

    Describe the segment types and their uses

    List the keywords that control block space usage

    Obtain information about storage structures from the data dictionary


Managing Tables

    Identify the various methods of storing data

    Describe Oracle data types

    Distinguish between an extended versus a restricted ROWID

    Describe the structure of a row

    Create regular and temporary tables

    Manage storage structures within a table

    Reorganize, truncate, drop a table

    Drop a column within a table


Managing Indexes

    Describe the different types of indexes and their uses

    Create various types of indexes

    Reorganize indexes

    Drop indexes

    Get index information from the data dictionary

    Monitor the usage of an index


 Maintaining Data Integrity

    Implement data integrity constraints

    Maintain integrity constraints

    Obtain constraint information from the data dictionary


Managing Password Security and Resources

    Manage passwords using profiles

    Administer profiles

    Control use of resources using profiles

    Obtain information about profiles, password management and resources


Managing Users

    Create new database users

    Alter and drop existing database users

    Monitor information about existing users





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