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Oracle 9i Dumps, exam #1Z0-032, “DBA Fundamentals II.” Passing this exam, plus 3 others, makes you an Oracle9i Certified Database Administrator (an “OCP” or an “OCP-DBA”). The two broad areas this exam covers are network administration, and database backup and recovery.


Exam #:   1Z0-032

Status: Active

Time Limit: 90 min. 

Passing Score: 65%

# of Questions: 63

Format: Form-based

Certifications: OCP, OCP-DBA


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Networking Overview

    Explain solutions included with Oracle9i for managing complex networks

    Describe Oracle networking add-on solutions


Basic Net Server-Side Configuration

    Identify how the listener responds to incoming connections

    Configure the listener using Oracle Net Manager

    Control the listener using the Listener Control Utility (lsnrctl)

    Describe Dynamic Service Registration

    Configure the listener for IIOP and HTTP connections


Basic Oracle Net Services Client-Side Configuration

    Describe the difference between host naming and local service name resolution

    Use Oracle Net Configuration Assistant to configure: Host Naming, Local naming method, Net service names

    Perform simple connection troubleshooting


Backup and Recovery Overview

    Describe the basics of database backup, restore and recovery

    List the types of failure that may occur in an Oracle environment

    Define a backup and recovery strategy


 Configuring the Database Archiving Mode

    Describe the differences between Archivelog and Noarchivelog modes

    Configure a database for Archivelog mode

    Enable automatic archiving

    Perform manual archiving of logs

    Configure multiple archive processes

    Configure multiple destinations, including remote destinations


User-Managed Complete Recovery

    Describe media recovery

    Perform recovery in Noarchivelog mode

    Perform complete recovery in Archivelog mode

    Restore datafiles to different locations

    Relocate and recover a tablespace by using archived redo log files


 Transporting Data Between Databases

    Describe the uses of the Export and Import utilities

    Describe Export and Import concepts and structures

    Perform simple Export and Import operations

    List guidelines for using Export and Import


Loading Data into a Database

    Demonstrate usage of direct-load insert operations

    Describe the usage of  SQL*Loader

    Perform basic SQL*Loader operations

    List guidelines for using SQL*Loader and direct-load insert


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